Zoning Update

August 11, 2021 update: Certain downloads previously available on this page were not the versions presented at the July 21 meeting. This has been corrected, and all such documents now state “As presented at the July 21, 2021 joint meeting of the Elkins council and planning commission” on the first page. 

Since 2015, the Elkins Planning Commission has been working on an update to the city’s zoning laws, which have not been significantly updated since initial adoption in the 1950s and a revision made in the 1970s.

The commission informally presented its proposed ordinance to city council on July 21. Here is a PDF of that presentation, given by Christy DeMuth, the WVU Land Use Law Clinic planner who has consulted with City of Elkins on this project. PDF files of the presented ordinance and related materials, as presented at the July 21 meeting, may be downloaded below.

The following separate files (also as presented at the July 21 meeting) are provided for your convenience. (These are contained in identical form in the larger “Proposed ordinance, use table, and zoning map” file listed above but are broken out here for faster access.)

If you’d like to compare the proposed ordinance and map to the current ones, they may be found here:

Next Steps

There remain several additional steps before this ordinance can be adopted by council. Before the new ordinance can be adopted, it has to be formally presented to council by the commission. The date of the formal presentation has not yet been determined.

Even after the formal presentation, council must hold two public hearings, one in the daytime and one in the evening. These hearings have not yet been scheduled. They will be announced on the city’s social media channels, to the city’s email newsletter list, and as legal advertisements in the Inter-Mountain newspaper.




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