The elected offices in the City of Elkins are the mayor and council members. Elections are held on the first Tuesday of March in every odd year. For information on the 2019 election, click here.

Mayors are elected to a two-year term. Mayors appear on the ballot in all five city wards at every election.

Council Members
Council members are elected to four-year terms. Two council members are elected from each of the city’s five wards, for a total of 10 council members. The two council members from each ward are elected to staggered terms, so that only one member from each ward faces election at each biannual election.

However, if a sitting council member has been appointed to that seat, rather than elected (e.g., to fill a vacancy caused by a resignation), that council member must appear on the ballot at the next election. As a result, it can sometimes happen that both council members from one ward can be on the ballot at the same time, one running for election to an “unexpired term” (i.e., to finish the term of the member who was appointed), and one running for reelection to a full term.

Voter Registration
Although the city runs its own elections, the city does not maintain any voter registration records. Please contact either the Randolph County Clerk or the West Virginia Secretary of State with questions about your registration.

Additional Information
In advance of each election, we will announce additional information concerning candidates, polling places, voting and absentee balloting rules, and other details.

Please contact the city clerk, the city’s chief elections officer, with any questions about Elkins elections.

Elkins City Clerk
Jessica R. Sutton
Phone: (304) 636-1414, ext. 1211
401 Davis Avenue, Elkins, WV, 26241

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